Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing and heating emergencies

Water damage can be devastating, if undetected the smallest and most innocuous of leaks can cause extenstive damage, blocked or non–flushing toilet units are inconvenient and heating breakdown can cause severe discomfort.

All of these problems and much more can be attended to by our qualified and experienced plumbers and Gas Safe Registered heating engineers and we’re happy to liaise with insurance providers on behalf of clients to effect the most expeditious solution to a claim.

  • Leaking pipe connections and bursts
  • Frozen pipes
  • Cylinder and tank problems
  • Sticking ballcocks
  • Dripping overflows
  • Leaking or blocked waste pipes
  • Blocked sinks and drains
  • Failure of toilet units
  • Broken taps repaired or replaced
  • Central heating breakdown
  • Faulty boilers
  • Heating pump failure
  • Immersion heaters and thermostats
  • Radiator and valve problems
  • Emergency utility installations
  • Much more....

Property insurance

Insurance cover on a motor vehicle is a legal requirement, insurance on a property is a sensible precaution, though one that is usually enforced by mortgage providers and a requirement for landlords. Homeowners need to protect their home, landlords need to protect their investment and fulfil their obligations toward tenants and businesses need to ensure employee and client comfort and continued service.

There is no predicting what the future holds and it’s essential to plan for in advance by investing in effective insurance cover. However, insurance cover is only as good as the schedule and small print within the policy, be sure to read the policy schedule to ensure that it meets with your needs and expectations, before making a financial commitment, providers are adept at adding exclusions and limitations to their policies — better to find out sooner rather than later.

Bear in mind that an insurance provider may void a claim if the problem is associated to a device or fitting, that should have been installed by a qualified plumber or Gas Safe Registered engineer and was not. Or, that a device has not been serviced and maintained in accordance to manufacturer or legal requirements.

Emergency insurance cover

Repair and remedial emergency work can be expensive, water leaks may cause excessive damage to surrounding areas and repairs to modern combi boilers can run into hundreds of pounds, so it’s important to ensure that your insurance policy includes emergency cover for any such eventualities.

The majority of insurance companies include emergency cover as standard, some add it to a policy as an optional extra and it may be regarded by some as a totally separate product. Securing emergency cover will usually cover the cost of calling out a plumber or tradesperson in cases of disaster, but make yourself aware of restrictions or exclusions, which you may not agree with, many companies are quite specific about what constitutes an emergency and what the policy actually covers. Try to contact your insurance provider, prior to seeking help elsewhere if disaster strikes, as many providers will have a list of localised and approved tradespersons that they may prefer to deal with.

Property insurance

This page has not been written to alarm property owners or to denigate insurance providers, it’s important to state that the vast majority of policies are perfect for the policy holder and the majority of insurance providers will bend over backwards to help with insurance claims and emergencies, very often we will liaise with providers on behalf of or in conjunction with our clients should it be necessary.